INITIATIVES COSTA OESTE counts on a commercial team with great experience to develop any activity related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

Rent Business Premises:

If you want to set up your business we will make it easy for you to find the right place.

We have premises for rent and for sale.

In addition we can support you with information and guidance and we will guarantee you a custom lease and adjusted to the law.

In addition, we can put you in touch with the trusted professionals who can help you start your activity: carpenter, architect, interior designer, and also with construction professionals (plumber, electrician, mason, painter, etc.) if you need to carry out the store.

Annual rental of housing:

We are specialized in rent, mainly in the rental of habitation. That’s why we have a wide range of rental housing.

We take care not only to find a tenant or a flat to whom you are looking for, but we will make sure to inform and advise tenants and owners, to reach a satisfactory agreement for both, that meets your expectations.

And we take care of drafting a personalized contract, which is in accordance with the law and always concerned with achieving a perfect balance of rights and guarantees for tenant and owner.

Purchase and sale of properties (buyers):

We have a wide range of properties in the province of Cadiz, of all types: apartments, chalets, houses to rehabilitate, plots, garages, commercial premises. And all of them you can see them in our web (, where we show all the details of the real estate.

If you want to buy you will find in us not only an ally in your search, but also an adviser in the whole process: search for financing, estimation of expenses and taxes derived from the sale, tax repercussion of the same, etc.

On the other hand, in the whole process our obsession for legal certainty will be evident: for us it is vital that you know everything about the property and that any pact between the parties is adequately guaranteed through a custom draw contract drawn up by Legal professionals.

Buying and selling of real estate (owners):

If you are an owner and want to sell, you will find in us an effective means of publicizing your property and making it known to potential buyers. For this we have a web site and also publish on the main real estate portals.

Another way to help you sell is to advise you to put a good market price.

In addition, we will inform you and advise you to know in detail the sales process, as well as the obligations and charges at the fiscal level derived from the sale.

And if you want we can help you increase the value of your home to achieve a better price and more customers. How? By helping you to detect and correct the weaknesses of your home and putting you in contact with trusted professionals who can carry out these improvements.

Sale of new buildings:

We are dedicated to commercialize the promotions that have the promoters for sale, being able to take the management from the beginning of the management of the soil, or simply the sale of the houses.

For this we have a team of professionals who will be in charge of the marketing plans, design of the website of the promotion, assistance of the pilot flat, writing and signing of contracts, assistance to the deed of sale and post- As well as to the drafting of the Short Information Document in compliance with decree 218/2005 of October 11, 2005 of the Junta de Andalucia.

Sale of properties of banks:

We are certified in several banking entities to commercialize their products from both new and second-hand allotments, having great commercial opportunities in all types of real estate, since these are at low prices and with very good financing.


Development planning:

Our team of professionals is specialized in the drafting and processing of development planning instruments (Partial Plans, Special Plans and Detail Studies) and its innovations, with an active participation in the whole administrative procedure, from its drafting until its final approval, With a view to streamlining the publications and obtaining the sectoral reports and administrative management entities of the necessary public services.

Management Instrument:

The team of INITIATIVES COSTA OESTE has qualified personnel with proven experience, not only in the writing of Reparation Projects, but also in the management of Compensation Boards and Collaborative Urbanistic Entities, until the final settlement of the same